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The Last of Us; The incredible facial expressions 

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The Last of Us; Abandoned 

  #The last of us;  TLOU;  Last of us;  abandoned;  drawing;  art;  concept art;  naughty dog;  creepy;  scary;  light;  nature;  edit;  photoset;  

The Last of Us; Nature reclaiming what was hers

  #The last of us;  TLOU;  last of us;  game;  art;  concept art;  nature;  green;  plants;  drawing;  beautiful;  scenery;  naughty dog;  ellie;  light;  lightning;  creepy;  scary;  digital art;  digital;  edit;  

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Ellie being adorable 

  #Ellie;  cutey;  still so fucking badass though;  the last of us;  Last of us;  TLOU;  game;  gaming;  girl;  ponytail;  cute;  naughty dog;  gif;  psd;  edit;  adorable;  scar;  

The Last of Us; Motion capture - final product

  #The last of us;  last of us;  TLOU;  game;  gaming;  technology;  motion capture;  motion;  girl;  actor;  acting;  naughty dog;  gif;  psd;  ellie;  ashley johnson;  

Ellie and Joel’s relationship throughout the game

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